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Transferring Domains Away From

To transfer a domain away from to another registrar, follow these steps:

1. Go to your dashboard and click "Modify" next to your domain name:

2. Click on "remove domain protection" to disable it:

3. Click on "Request AUTH-ID":

4. Initiate the transfer at the gaining (new) Registrar.

The transfer process may vary depending on the registrar you choose.

Please note:

  • When a transfer request is initiated, a confirmation email is sent notifying the domain owner.
  • If you don't explicitly disagree with the transfer within 5 days, it will be acknowledged.
  • To confirm or deny the transfer, reply to the authorization form in the confirmation email.
  • If both the domain owner and the Admin contact agree to the transfer, it will be completed immediately.

Important: If the domain is unprotected (unlocked), any incoming transfer request will be acknowledged if you don't respond to explicitly disagree. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your domains protected.

I Can't Request AUTH-ID or Unlock the Domain. Why?

The most common reason for this issue is a lack of permissions. It is likely that your account only has an Admin role for the domain, which does not allow you to transfer the domain. You can verify this by checking the Domain Management section:

If this is indeed the case, please contact the domain owner (creator) to coordinate the transfer. More information about roles can be found here.

Another possible reason for being unable to unlock the domain is if it is currently suspended:

There are several common causes for domain suspension:

  • Domain has expired
  • Domain is under dispute
  • Domain is younger than 60 days and can not yet be transferred
  • Domain is in a 60-day lock period after the last transfer, and can not yet be transferred
  • Domain is in a 60-day lock period after the last COR (Change of Registrant) procedure, and can not yet be transferred

If you encounter any issues during the transfer, please don't hesitate to contact us at