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Specific ccTLDs: Nameservers


In case you want to use your own/external name servers for your .DE-domains instead of the standard name servers from, you have to make sure that these name servers are compliant with the requirements set by the DENIC. 

Requests to register or update .de domains are handled by a robot doing the following checks on the registry side:

  • are all name servers given in the request reachable?
  • are they authoritative?
  • do their answers contain the "authoritative answer" (AA) bit and do they know about the other authoritative name servers?
  • are all authoritative nameservers given in the request?
  • are values in the SOA records in the ranges required by the DENIC?
  • are the SOA values identical for all name servers?
  • do at least two of the three name servers differ in the first three bytes of the IP (v4) address?

Name Server: SOA Records

SOA stands for "Start of Authority". 
An SOA record is the part of a DNS zone containing the email of the responsible person of the zone, and various synchronization parameters used by the different name servers of the zone.
Requests to register or update .DE domains must contain SOA values in the following ranges:
SOA-Record Value
serial recommended format YYYYMMDDnn
refresh [10000 ... 86400]
retry [1800 ... 28800]
expire [604800 ... 3600000]


[180 ... 345600]

If you are not sure, if your nameservers are compliant with DENIC requirements, or get an error related to nameservice, please check your nameservers at


The process of changing the nameserver for .dk domains is specifically regulated by DK Hostmaster. To modify the nameserver associated with a .dk domain, it is mandatory to go through DK Hostmaster's designated platform at:

When you navigate to the aforementioned website, you will find a user-friendly interface designed to assist domain owners in updating their nameserver information. This process ensures that only authorized individuals with the appropriate access can make modifications to the nameservers associated with .dk domains. By centralizing this function through DK Hostmaster, they maintain control and oversight over the nameserver settings for all .dk domains, helping to ensure the security, stability, and integrity of the Danish domain space.


Similar to .de domains, .it domain registry has specific requirements for nameservers.

It is crucial to verify the compliance of your custom nameservers before registering an .it domain. If your nameservers do not meet the registry requirements, the domain will be deleted within 30 days. To check the compliance of your nameservers, you can use the following link: