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Payment Methods and Invoicing

Accepted Payment Methods


Currently, accepts the following payment methods:

1. Credit/debit cards

  • Mastercard/Eurocard

  • Visa

  • American Express

2. PayPal (verified account)

3. Apple Pay

4. ELV (Germany only, 'Lastschriftverfahren')

5. Wire transfer (Reseller's and customer's account funding)

6. Bitcoin (Reseller's account funding)

7. Klarna:

  • Payment by invoice

  • Payment by instant bank transfer

  • Please note: The invoicing party is "CSL Computer Service Langenbach"

Klarna is a payment provider similar to Paypal and offers both an online payment and purchase on the invoice.
Simply select "Klarna" as your payment method - you can decide in the next step which variant you would like to choose. No fees are charged to the buyer.  For more details see

8. Payment Account:

  • Conveniently deposit your planned funds, regardless of an upcoming order
  • Mark as many of your domains as you want for automatic renewal
  • Never again run into a deadline problem at the end of your domain's term
  • Use the most convenient payment method, including easy and cheap wire transfers directly to your account if you don't want to use credit cards or PayPal
  • You still keep full control at any time and receive the usual notices about domain renewals. Automatic renewals will be marked accordingly
  • You can be automatically notified about your account balance when it falls below a specified amount
  • You can set up an automatic top-up of your account (not available for all payment methods)


Activation of Your Payment Account


  • After registering a login account at, please note that it takes 3 days for the possibility to activate a customer account to become available
  • Your account will be activated with your first deposit. You can do this by either going to the home page (dashboard) and selecting "Account balance" followed by "Deposit into account," or by choosing the menu "My Joker" and selecting "Fund/Increase"
  • This will take you directly to the account deposit section. You can access an overview of your account and your account movements at any time through the account overview. Additionally, you can activate and set a notification for a low account balance from there
  • If you do not see a "Balance" view in your dashboard, please feel free to contact us for assistance


Receipts for Domain Orders sends receipts for domain orders via email only. The receipts are sent to:

  • The email address associated with your log in account
  • The email address of the Default Billing Address you set in "My Profile"
  • The email address of the billing role (if created and granted)

Please note that the postal address of the receipt will be the same as the billing contact address used. does not send invoices by regular mail. Resellers will also receive a monthly invoice for all sales of the previous month, and VAT-IDs are accepted.

More information about roles and billing roles you can find here