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Reporting Domain Name Abuse

Reporting domain name abuse is important to help maintain a safe and secure online environment. Here are some cases in which you should consider reporting domain name abuse related to the domains registered at

  • Phishing: If you come across a domain that appears to be impersonating a legitimate website or organization with the intention of tricking users into providing sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card details, or personal information
  • Illegal Content: If the domain hosts or promotes illegal content, such as CSAM, or involved in the distribution of illegal drugs
  • Trademark Infringement: If a domain is using a brand name or trademark without permission, leading to confusion or deception among consumers.
  • Spam: When a domain is used for sending unsolicited and bulk emails, often promoting scams or fraudulent activities.
  • Fraud and Scams: If a domain is engaged in fraudulent activities, including online scams, or fake e-commerce websites.


How to Report Domain Abuse Case: Checklist

Reported abuse cases are serious accusations, and we want to ensure a proper investigation process and swift action from our side. To help us effectively handle abuse reports, please follow the recommendations below:

  • Clearly describe the issue you encountered.
  • Provide us with the direct URL to the phishing source.
  • Include evidence, such as references to legitimate websites and screenshots.
Illegal Content
  • Describe the issue in detail.
  • Share the direct URL to the illegal materials.
Trademark Infringement
  • Provide formal description of the subject of the dispute.
  • Provide proof of trademark registration.
  • If you are acting on behalf of the trademark owner, include an Authorization Letter (LOA/POA).
  • Provide evidence of infringement: direct URL(s) and/or screenshots
  • Clearly specify your request related to the issue.


If you are reporting trademark infringement and wish to transfer the domain to you, you'll need to initiate an arbitration process at WIPO. WIPO's decision will be binding for us and ensure a quick transfer of the domain in question to you.


For copyright infringement and content-related complaints, it's also advisable to forward them to the respective hosting provider. is solely a domain name registrar and does not have direct or indirect access to website content. Contacting the hosting provider directly will expedite the removal of infringing content.

  • Describe the spam issue thoroughly.
  • Specify the domain name registered with that is involved in spam-sending.
  • Attach a copy of the spam email and provide email headers.
Fraud and Scams
  • Clearly describe the fraud or scam issue you encountered.
  • Provide evidence, such as references to official webshops and screenshots.

In some cases, if we found no evidence of obviously illegal activities, such as phishing or distribution of illegal drugs, or child sexual abuse material (CSAM), we may not have the authority to take immediate action. As a domain registrar, we cannot determine the legal status of the domain owner's activities. If you encounter such situations, we strongly advise you to seek legal assistance and report the case. Once we receive an authoritative decision, we will take the necessary action accordingly.

While we strive to contribute to maintaining a safe online environment, it's important to understand that our jurisdiction as a domain registrar is limited.

How Handles Domain Complaints

Complaints about domains can be reported to in the following ways:

Each complaint will be acknowledged upon receipt, and you will be given a unique ticket number - please refer to it if you have any requests.

Each complaint will be reviewed individually and we will endeavor to resolve it within 24h. A response is usually given within 3 working days.

The processing of domain complaints hinges primarily on German legislation and's Terms and Conditions. Additionally, the guidelines specific to the respective domain type (country code or global domain) play a secondary role.