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What is the Domain Status?

Domain status refers to the current condition or state of a registered domain name in the Domain Name System (DNS). It typically reflects whether a domain name is active, inactive, expired, or undergoing some other type of special status.

If you query the WHOIS ('Whois query') at for a domain, you will get one of the following domain statuses:

  • Lock:  The domain is secured against unauthorized transfer attempts. To transfer the domain to another registrar, it must be unlocked under Domain Management section first, after which it will be in "production" status.


  • Production:  The domain is unlocked, and will allow transfer requests to another registrar. To lock and secure a domain, it must be locked under Domain Management section.


  • Hold:  The domain will not be served by nameservers and cannot be used normally. This indicates that the domain name has been suspended or put on hold by the registrar or registry due to various reasons, such as non-payment, violation of terms of service, or legal disputes. Newly registered domains may have this status until billing is completed successfully.


  • Expired:  The domain has not been renewed and has passed its term, but it is not yet deleted and can still be renewed normally or using "simple renewal".


  • Transfer-prohibited-cor:  After a change of registrant (COR) or change of owner, the domain cannot be transferred for security reasons for a period of 60 days.


  • Invalid-address:  The WHOIS data validation has indicated incorrect registrant's data, and a process to correct it has been initiated. Please visit Ownership/Permissions under "Domains" menu to address this request.

To ensure optimal security, domains registered with are typically set to "lock" status by default. This recommended status ensures that your domain is safeguarded against any unauthorized transfer or modification attempts, effectively preventing any fraudulent activities.