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What is a Domain Name? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals

A domain name is a unique, human-readable string of characters that represents the address of a website or web-based service on the internet. It serves as a memorable and convenient way for users to access websites without needing to remember the numerical I...

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What is a Domain Name Registrar? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar What does it mean? A domain registrar is a company or service that allows individuals or organizations to register and purchase domain names for their websites. Domain registrars are accredited by the Inte...

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What is TLD or Top-Level Domain? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. It refers to the highest level of the domain name system (DNS) hierarchy, which is the rightmost portion of a domain name. TLDs are the last part of a domain name that comes after the last dot (e.g., .com, .org, .net). At Joke...

top level

What are Domain Contacts? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals

Domain contacts, also known as domain name contacts or WHOIS contacts, are the individuals or entities associated with a registered domain name who are designated as points of contact for administrative, technical, and/or billing purposes. Domain contacts are ...


What are IDN Domains? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals

IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name. IDN domains allow for domain names to be registered using non-Latin characters.Before the introduction of IDN domains, domain names were limited to the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, along with the numbers 0-9 a...

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Domain Management Section FAQ (EN) Domain Management

Domain Management Tools 1 General domain information and current status 2 Current domain owner (registrant) details 3 "Edit" button for domain owner information - update Whois details for your domain 4 ...


Premium Domain Name Registration FAQ (EN) Domain Management

Here is how you register a premium domain name: 1. You send a request to our support team to register a premium domain name.  2. Additionally, you will need to provide us with the following information: Customer ID at Include your customer ID a...

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Whois Data Accuracy FAQ (EN) Domain Management

With the introduction of new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs), ICANN established fresh criteria for registrants' data when registering a domain. You can find the official specifications for these new requirements here. Due to the enforcement of the Genera...

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Bulk Transfer FAQ (EN) Transfers

You can transfer to us up to 100 domains at once by using our bulk transfer feature. Here's how it works: 1. Go to the Transfer section and click on "Bulk Transfer": 2. Enter the domain names and AUTH-IDs, separated by commas, with one domain per l...

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Restore Access to Your Account FAQ (EN) Account

You forgot your password You can easily recover it by clicking "forgot password" in the login section. Please refer to our Step-by-Step instructions. You have lost your device for 2FA As a domain registrar, is committed to security - particularl...

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Deletion of a Domain FAQ (EN) Domain Management

To delete a domain, please:  login at  on your dashboard, choose "delete" from the menu next to the domain name you want to delete a verification email will be sent to your email address - you have to acknowledge the deletion a deletion is fr...

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UDRP Procedures FAQ (EN) Transfers

The UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) is a policy that applies to all ICANN domains and is also adopted by many other domain types (ccTLDs). You can find detailed explanations on Wikipedia as well. When registering a domain, you must accept...


Domain Has Expired - What to Do? FAQ (EN) Domain Management

Domain Stopped Working The most common reason for this is that the domain has expired. According to the ERRP regulation by ICANN, we are required to set the domain status to 'inactive' when it expires as a final reminder. If you missed the renewal reminder...

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Responsibilities Of Customer FAQ (EN) Responsibilities and Domain Abuse

As a valued customer, we want to ensure that you have a seamless experience while using and managing your domain. To help you with that, we'd like to outline the key responsibilities expected from our customers: Secure Login Credentials: When creating your ...


I Don't See My Domain FAQ (EN) Account

If you've logged in and can't find your domain under your account, there are a few common reasons for this: Recent Domain Order: If you've recently ordered the domain, it might take a few minutes before it becomes visible in your account. Payme...

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Possible Problems With Credit Cards FAQ (EN) Account

Common Problems   Frequent Payments. If you place multiple orders on the same day, you may encounter problems because the credit card company might interpret them as duplicate charges. To avoid this, it is recommended to order multiple domains at once, m...

credit card
Master Card

Roles and Permissions FAQ (EN) Account

To give other people access to administrate your domain(s) at, you can invite them and assign specific "roles" that determine their level of access. It's important to note that these roles only apply to granting access within and do not aff...


Internal Transfer FAQ (EN) Transfers

Moving Domains to Another User Transfer from one account to another is just like an inbound transfer, described here To summarize the procedure, let's say Alice is the current domain creator (owner of the account where the domain belongs), and Bo...

internal transfer
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Transferring Domains Away From FAQ (EN) Transfers

To transfer a domain away from to another registrar, follow these steps: 1. Go to your dashboard and click "Modify" next to your domain name: 2. Click on "remove domain protection" to disable it: 3. Click on "Request AUTH-ID": 4. Initia...

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Who is a Domain Registrant? FAQ (EN) Domain Name Fundamentals

A domain Registrant, also known as a domain owner, is an individual or organization that has registered and legally owns a specific domain name. The domain Registrant is the entity that has the right to use and control the domain name for a specified period ...

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