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Specific ccTLDs: Transfers

Transfer of the .UK Domains

Transferring Your .UK Domain to

To transfer a .UK domain, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to our regular transfer page and place an order for the .UK domain transfer. Unlike other domains, you don't need to enter an AUTH-ID for .UK domains.

  2. Contact your current registrar and initiate a transfer request. Request them to release the domain name to the new TAG of our registrar, which is JOKER.

  3. Once your transfer request is initiated, we will wait for Nominet (the .UK registry) to notify us that the domain has been released by your current registrar.

  4. Once Nominet confirms the domain release, we will add the domain to your account.

If you encounter any difficulties transferring your domain with your current registrar, you have the option to transfer it directly with Nominet.

Transferring Your .UK Domain Away From

To transfer a .UK domain to a different registrar, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Locate the domain name you want to transfer and click on "Modify" icon.
  3. Within the domain management section, you'll find the option "Transfer Domain" on the right-hand side.
  4. Click on "Remove domain protection."
  5. Click on "Change Registrar Tag."
  6. Choose the identifier (TAG) of your new registrar.

Please keep in mind the following points:

  • Prior to initiating the transfer, inform your new registrar as some registrars may require activation or unlocking of incoming transfers.
  • Your new registrar will provide you with the correct registrar identifier (TAG).

Other ccTLDs Which Don't Require AUTH-ID for Transfer-In

Similar to .UK domains, there are a few more ccTLDs that do not require an AUTH-ID for the transfer. These include .es and .dk.

The transfer process for these TLDs is dependent on the approval of a Form of Authorization (FOA) by the domain owner. When initiating the transfer for any of these TLDs at, simply enter "none" in the AUTH-ID field.

Trade - Owner Change for Specific ccTLDs

.FI Trade

A trade for a .FI domain involves a two-step process. When you update the Owner data for a .FI domain, the following takes place:

  1. A new COFI-XXXXXX handle is created with the new registrant's data.
  2. The previous owner receives an email from Traficom containing a Holder Transfer Key for Owner Change:
  3. The domain Creator (Designated Agent) receives an email from Joker:
  4. You need to click on the link provided in the email and submit the Holder Transfer Key:
  5. Once the Holder Transfer Key is submitted, the Owner Change is completed, and the new handle appears in the registry.

Please note that if you fail to submit the Auth-code within 32 days after the Owner Change was initiated, the owner change will be automatically canceled.

.BE Trade

Owner-Data-Change of a .BE domain is a trade process, which can only be initiated manually directly at the Registry (BENIC) for a fee of 9.75 Euro.

If you decide to initiate an Owner Change for a .BE Domain, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Owner Contact (Handle) with the new owner's data.

  2. Send your request for Owner Change via email to

  3. We will send you a Payment Link or charge your Payment account with the fee of 9.75 Euro.

  4. We will request a new AUTH-ID for the domain, which will be sent directly to the domain owner via email.

  5. If you are not the domain owner, you need to ask the Owner of the domain to forward us the email with the new AUTH-ID and send us the new Owner Contact Handle for the trade process, if you haven't done so already.

  6. We will initiate your TRADE request with BENIC.

  7. The new Owner will appear in the Whois shortly..ES Trade


.ES Trade

The change of registrant for .es domains must be performed directly at the Registry. For this you will need to do the following:

  1. Check your domain info here:
    And write down the "Identifier" of the registrant.
  2. Go to
    and using the Identifier from step 1, request a password. It will be sent to the current owner's email.
  3. Log in with Identifier and password here:
  4. Make the necessary changes, and upload the required documents. Document check usually takes 24-48 hours.


.DK Trade

Changing the registrant of a .dk domain is only possible at the Hostmaster-DK Self Service.

For more information please refer to

Transferring a .DK Domain to

The Danish registry has implemented two domain models:

  • Registrar Management 
  • Registrant Management

Currently, our system only supports the "Registrant Management" model. Therefore, before initiating the transfer of your .dk domain to us, ensure that your domain is configured under the "Registrant Management" model. To make this adjustment, please use the Hostmaster-DK Self Service.

Transferring an .FR Domain to

Please note that AFNIC, the registry of .FR domains, does not allow simultaneous domain transfers and Change of Registrant. Therefore, when initiating a transfer of a .FR domain to, please ensure that the owner data you provide is identical to the current owner data.

Please note: we can not automatically transfer your existing domain contact data due to GDPR regulations and technical limitations.

AUTH-INFO 2 for .DE Domains

If the domain holder is unable to request a regular AuthInfo from DENIC through their current provider, for example, if the provider no longer exists or cannot be reached, they can directly request a provider change password (AuthInfo2) from DENIC.

In such cases, the domain holder should contact the future domain administrator, such as

The provider initiates the generation of an AuthInfo directly from DENIC. DENIC then sends the generated AuthInfo to the domain holder via registered regular mail (letter in paper form).

The letter will be addressed to the recorded address in the Whois database. If the domain holder is not located in Germany, the letter will be addressed to the Admin-Contact in Germany to ensure prompt and secure delivery.

Simultaneously, DENIC stores the generated AuthInfo as a hash in its database.

The domain holder should share the AuthInfo with the future domain administrator, who will then initiate the provider change by submitting the AuthInfo to DENIC.

If you need to request an AuthInfo2, please send an email to