What is Dynamic DNS (DynDNS)?



Dynamic DNS is a system which allows the domain name data held in a nameserver to be updated in
real time. The most common use for this is in allowing an Internet domain name to be assigned to
a computer with a varying (dynamic) IP address.
This makes it possible for other sites on the Internet to establish connections to the machine
without needing to track the IP address themselves. A common use is for running server
software on a computer that has a dynamic IP address, as is the case with many consumer
Internet service providers.

To use Dynamic DNS records with Joker.com, you have to create at least one Dynamic DNS record.
Additionally, the Dynamic DNS feature has to be activated.


This can be done by visiting 'DNS' in 'My Domains' in menu 'Domains'.


After this, you have to configure your (DSL-) router or your Dynamic DNS
software on your computer.


Currently, there is a limit of 20 records per domain. The nameserver records have a TTL (time to live - defines the latency before changes become visible) of 60 seconds.


Please note: The "username" and "password" referred to in this section are not identical with your standard Joker.com credentials. Instead, you will be provided with special credentials when you create  your DynDNS entry, which are only valid for those entries.




Hardware Devices


A hardware device like a DSL router often is able to handle Dynamic DNS itself. As an example, this is the corresponding section of a Fritz!Box DSL router:
In the menu (web ui), you have to chose "Preferences" => "Internet" => "Dynamic DNS".
You have to enable "Dynamic DNS" with the checkbox. Then choose "Custom" as Dynamic DNS Provider.
The input fields then have to be filled like this:


Update-URL: https://svc.joker.com/nic/update?username=<username>&password=<pass>&myip=<ipaddr>&hostname=<domain>
Domain name: <enter your Joker.com Dynamic DNS record (Domain name) here>
Username: <enter the username you got at Joker.com's DNS management for this domain>
Password: <enter the password you got at Joker.com's DNS management for this domain>
Note: SSL is not supported by all devices, especially olders ones need to use: http://svc.joker.com/nic/update?...



Update-URL: https://svc.joker.com/nic/update?username=<username>&password=<pass>&myip=<ipaddr>&hostname=<domain>
Domain name: www.yourdomain.com
Username: 156ba6fa7f93bfd7
Password: 5bc123a7100ef6a2


To check your current IP, you may also use


Some Dynamic DNs clients also make use of this function.

Software Clients




A popular free Dynamic DNS Windows updater is "DynDNS Updater" from Kana Solution.


Please download the latest stable version from their site , and install it. If you use the version with setup program, or start the DynDNS.exe for the first time, you will be presented a "configuration wizard".


When it asks for "My Group", enter "Joker". For "Username" and "Password", please use the credentials (see above) you got in Joker.com's service zone.


Then please chose "enter manually" when asked for "automatic download". The next dialog allows you to add the hostname or domain you whish to use as Dynamic DNS record, as configured at Joker.com, like "www.yourdomain.com".


Finish the rest of the wizard, and leave the program (exit)! Please locate the file "DynDNS.ini" - usually it is in c:\program files\DynDNS Updater (or in the directory you used to extract the package without installer).


Open it in an editor (Notepad is fine), and search for the section [Options]. Please add the line




and save the file.


Then download the text file "joker.profile" attached below, and store it somewhere - e.g. in the DynDNS Updater directory. This text file is the profile to be used for the Joker Dynamic DNS service.

Restart DynDNS Updater, and chose "Settings" (right mouse click on task bar icon).

Select "My Group 'Joker'", click "edit", chose tab "Options", type "joker.com" in inputfield "Provider", and click on the browse button below this. Navigate to the text file you downloaded before, and select it.


Leave by pressing "Ok" - and you are done. DynDNS Updater should work now.




Popular free clients for Linux:


Hints for ddclient

  • use protocol "dyndns2"
  • use "svc.joker.com" as server
  • use option use=web, web=svc.joker.com/nic/checkip, web-skip='Current IP Address: '

Hints for ez-ipupdate


  • use "example-dyndns.conf" and add "server=svc.joker.com"
  • or use our prepared config file and binary from the attachement below


Apple MacOS


A dynamic DNS client for MacOS with native Joker.com support is "IP Monitor" from Appquarter.com.

It is also available from the Mac Appstore.

It costs a small amount, but seem to have good ratings...




attached files: ez-ipupdate.tgz, joker.profile

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Comment of James Lick:
Kana DynDNS Updater seems to have a bug updating the address the first time with Joker's servers if the IP is already current. Joker will return an error indicating that the address hasn't changed. Kana's program takes this as a failure and will say that the profile is configured wrong and keep trying over and over to update. The workaround is to set up your DYNA record on Joker with an address that is NOT the same as your current IP, then Kana will be able to update correctly. (You will have to delete and then add the DYNA record instead of editing.)
Added at: 2011-02-14 17:49

Comment of RP:
Thank you Zé, your service seems to work nicely. Kana's program kept telling me my Joker group was incorrectly configured, but I could not see anything wrong with it.
Added at: 2010-02-06 20:23

Comment of javahaxxor:
I've made a small java app which works wherever you can run java. Check out http://code.google.com/p/jokerupdater/
Added at: 2011-08-17 22:02

Comment of Al:
Has anyone managed to get this service working with an O2 Wireless box iv ?? Have tried all the config's I can think of but it just doesn't wanna work :(
Added at: 2012-06-01 15:47

Comment of Matt:
Thanks Ze! You should release the source-code too!
Added at: 2012-10-13 10:57

Comment of Adrian:
I wrote two applications that do your dynamic updating, one in Python, one in Java. Both run on all platforms known to man, and they're open source. Please write comments if you appreciate it
Added at: 2012-12-10 17:46