How do I change my nameservers?


To change the nameservers associated with a domain, please

  • log in at and visit 'My Domains', selecting 'Modify' with the domain you want to change
  • click on edit symbol edit symbolto add your own nameservers, or to chose " nameservice"


The Update should be visible in Joker-DNS after at most 45 minutes. The old data may linger in some DNS caches for up to 86400 seconds = 1 day.

If you have chosen " nameservice", you now may add nameserver entries (records) to your domain, including URL forwarding rules, email adresses or hostname records by visiting 'DNS' in "My Domains'.



To edit an existing nameserver or add a new one, visit My Joker -> My Nameservers and either click on 'create new nameserver' to create a new nameserver or click 'change' next to the nameserver you want to change. You will then be able to edit the DNS name and IP addresses of your nameserver. 



If you have assigned your own "foreign" Domain Name Servers, you have to use the tools provided by your DNS provider to add DNS records.



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