What is an "OT+E" System?

OT&E means "Operational Test & Evaluation".

Our OT&E system is a kind of "copy" of Joker.com, where special "fake" registries are connected. Domain orders and object manipulations can be performed without having to operate on real data.

This is to allow for resellers to try out their scripts and methods, using Joker.com API and tools.

Our OT&E system mainly consists of 

  • www.ote.joker.com (standard web frontend)
  • rpanel.ote.joker.com (rpanel reseller frontend and code example)
  • dmapi.ote.joker.com (Joker.com API)
  • whois.ote.joker.com (Whois)
  • reseller@ote.joker.com (Mail-Gw)

 In case you are interested in using these systems, please consider to become a reseller of Joker.com. Resellers do also benefit from bonuses of up to 66% on all prices.


Tags: OT&E, reseller

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