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Hostbill Registrar Plugin

Hostbill is a popular web hosting and automation solution, which includes:

  • Hosting Automation
  • Client Management
  • Help Desk System
  • Automated Billing
  • Domain Management

If you are using Hostbill for your hosting activities, you can integrate  for the domain management  within Hostbill using the plugin. 1)

At Hostbill's page you find an overview of what is provided by our module:

  • Registration
    Automated domain registration. When enabled, domain module connects registrar API to register new domain name ordered by client.
  • Transfer
    Automated domain transfers. Customers can request domain transfer from other registrar to you. During signup customers are asked for EPP/transfer code used in transfer process.
  • Renew
    Automated domain renewals. Renew function gives the ability to renew the domain name by customer-purchased period when domain is about to expire
  • Synchronize
    Registry <-> HostBill synchronization. Domain synchronization allows your staff members to update HostBill domain records with registry details, ie. to make sure that domain renewal/expiration dates are in sync.
  • Import
    Automatically import existing domains from Registry -> HostBill.
  • Premium names
    Get premium domain price on registration page and register premium domain names
  • Lookup engine
    Use registry API as lookup engine for fast & accurate domain searches
  • Manage contacts
    Update domain registration contacts. Customers can manage contact details related to domains they have registered with you.
  • DNSSEC Management
    Allow your customer to manage his domains DNSSEC keys at registry
  • Get EPP Code
    This functionality lets your clients get domain EPP Code, allowing to transfer domain out.
  • ID Protection
    This feature enables your customers to protect identity of their contact details stored.
  • Update Nameservers
    Customers have the ability to change nameservers the domain is pointing to.
  • Register Nameservers
    Clients can register their custom name servers using domain registrar API.


The installation is easy, the plugin is already included with Hostbill, just activate the " plugin" from within Hostbill:

Select Settings -> Modules -> Domain Modules, choose from the list and "activate".


Please find an easy step-by-step documentation at Hostbill's plugin wiki.

Please send us your feedback:

1) the Hostbill plugin is provided without any further obligation or promise of quality or reliability. The normal restriction conditions apply.