What is an "OT+E" System?

OT&E stands for Operational Test & Evaluation, which is a type of testing and evaluation system that is designed to avoid any impact on real data or assets such as registered domains or contacts.

At Joker.com, we have an OT&E system that is essentially a duplicate of our main system, with special "fake" registries that are used for testing and evaluation purposes. This allows our resellers to test their scripts and methods using the Joker.com API and tools, without having to worry about making changes to real data.

With our OT&E system, resellers can perform domain orders and object manipulations in a simulated environment, allowing them to test their systems and make any necessary changes before going live with their services. This helps to ensure a smooth and error-free experience for our resellers and their customers.

Our OT&E system mainly consists of:

  • www.ote.joker.com (standard web frontend)
  • ote.rpanel.io (RPanel reseller frontend and code example)
  • dmapi.ote.joker.com (Joker.com API)
  • whois.ote.joker.com (Whois)

In case you are interested in using these systems, please consider becoming a reseller of Joker.com.

Our resellers benefit from discounts of up to 40% on all prices.

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