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How to add existing domains to my portfolio?

Transition to a reseller account

If you decide to let your login account migrate to a Reseller account, all your domains will be added automatically to this Reseller account.


Moving a domain from User A to User B (cooperative)

If you own the existing domain, using another account, please visit "My Domains" from the "Domains" menu.

Click on the "menu" icon ("hamburger" icon on the right) of the domain you want to move, and choose "Grants".

Choose "Assignement" (= "Internal transfer") as "Role", enter the email address of the account holder to whom the domain should be transferred to, add a comment/description if you which, and press "add".

You may then add more domains; please press "save" when you are done.

After this, a transfer-link is sent to the email address you entered. You will also find this as a "pending" record in the "Grants" dialogue mentioned above. The "transfer link" will be valid for 7 days.

The recipient of the transfer-link imports the domain simply by clicking on this link.

As an alternative, this email also contains an "internal transfer key", which can be used using "Domain Transfer" on ("internal transfer").


Moving a domain from User A to User B (claim)

If you want to "move" or claim domains from one account (regular or reseller) to another account (e.g. your new reseller account), please choose "Change Ownership or Permissions of a Domain" from the "Domains" menu.

Enter your domain, and "proceed" - depending on the Whois data and current ownership of the domain, you might have to send in a document.

Procedure with Email Gateway

If you want to 'move' domains owned by other login accounts, you can do this easily using the Roles & Grants system to perform an Internal Transfer to the account of choice.