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Check Domain Availability

General Information

This is an additional tool which makes it easy to check if a domain is available for registration. All you have to do is to connect to:

Port: 4343

 and issue the command 

domain:[sld.tld] [lang=IDN-tag]

  • We will only accept requests from predefined IP-Addresses. For this purpose there is a field in the reseller data section, which is called "Check-Domain-Daemon-Access". Please update your data , if you want to use that tool. 
  • Optional "lang" parameter must be used to check availability of IDN. If not provided, IDN tag "de" (Deutsch, German) will be used when IDN is queried (any name encoded in punycode). Which tags are available (and their names) is dependent on the registry. Some registries (like .ORG & .INFO) support only very limited set of languages, so it may not be always possible to register some domains, in this case the tool will return value "registered" (which is equivalent to "unavailable for registration").

Technical Issues

  • All lines are terminated by CR-LF.
  • All queries and replies prefixed by object type and colon sign.
  • The server will ignore all but first line when waiting for query.
  • The client will be disconnected when no valid query is received during 30 seconds.
  • If the client is disconnected by the server, or when no valid reply is sent by the server, it should be processed like "unknown" reply (i.e., client should try query again later).


using telnet: 

telnet 4343

Possible replies are:

status of the domain answer
domain is available: free
domain is registered already: registered
domain status is unknown (registry down, etc): unknown [optional error text]