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Account and Handling


Login with Username & Password


Requires (mandatory):

username username (email address)
password password


Auth-SID Authenticated Session ID, must be provided with any other request (parameter auth-sid)
List of TLDs List of domain TLDs which are available to the reseller.

To be able to use the entire API, you must have a reseller account with (and use this account to log in).


Login with API Keys

Instead of using your user- and password credentials, you may also use so called 'API keys' for login. This way, you can create several DMAPI access facilities, which has several advantages:

  • you do not need to expose username and password in your scripts
  • API keys can be restricted to be "read only" (no modifications possible), or to allow 'modifications only' (can not produce costs)
  • you may hand API keys to your staff to enable them to do specific things with

Create your API keys in 'My Profile' in section 'Manage API access keys'

Example usage:

The result is the same as for "login"-request, you have to use the provided auth-sid for the subsequent actions.


Returns: Nothing

Used to forcibly close (terminate) a session. The session identified by Auth-SID may not be used anymore to send requests. Normally not required as session will timeout anyway (default: 1 hour).




get results of requests still in progress

showall get all results incl. deletes using result-delete

get results for specifed period of days (default: 90)

date get results received on (or before) specified date. When date is specified, parameter "period" will be applied to this date (instead of today) and defaults to 1

start dispalying results from specified position

limit only get number of results specified by limit

get results having specified status (ack/nack/?)


when set to 1, only count number of records and return single line in format "Records: N"

All following filters may use patterns ("*" and "?")


get results for requests of specified type (domain-register/etc)

get results for specified object ids (domain names, contacts, hosts)

procid get results for specified proc-id
svtrid get results for specifued SvTrId
cltrid get results for specified ClTrId


List of answers from (one per line):

TimeStamp SvTrId Proc-ID request-type status ClTrId


TimeStamp: The time when request was made, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
SvTrID: Tracking-Id associated with this request.
Proc-ID: Proc-Id associated with this request.
request-type: The type of the request.
request-object: The object name (host, domain or contact handle)
status: ack, nack or ?, where ack means that request was completed successfully.
ClTrId: User specified transaction ID, or "-" if nothing was provided by the user




Proc-ID One of these must be specified. If both are specified, SvTrId has precedence.


Answer (processing result) associated with specified Tracking/Processing ID.

If detailed information (content) is not available, only status will be returned

Please note:

Since there is no requirement of uniqueness for user-specified transaction ids, it is not possible to use them to retrieve specific results. 





One of these must be specified. If both are specified, SvTrId has precedence



A descriptive message (confirmation) in case of success.

This request will delete the content (not the status) of a reply to an asynchronous request. Deleted results will not be listed anymore when using result-list.



Returns reseller profile data in format "key: value". May be used to query account balance