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What is DNSSEC


DNSSEC is the abbreviation for 'Domain Name System Security Extensions'. It is a set of extensions to the domain name system (DNS), basically to allow clients to verify the authenticity and integrity of DNS records.

For a domain to make use of DNSSEC, the following is needed:


  • the domain type (TLD) needs to support DNSSEC (i.e. the registry)
  • the registrar of the domain needs to allow to 'activate' and configure DNSSEC for a domain
  • the configured nameservers need to support DNSSEC
  • the clients (e.g. browsers) need to make use of DNSSEC 


You may take this or dnssec.net as starters for reading more about this topics.


DNSSEC Support at Joker.com

Joker.com enables you to 'activate' and configure DNSSEC for nearly all of your domains - most domain types (TLDs) do support DNSSEC. The only execptions at Joker.com are .ws and .cn.


To enable DNSSEC, please login on Joker.com and visit 'My Domains'. Chose the domain you want to edit. There you will find the section "DNSSEC" to change the DNSSEC settings.

You will also find some examples there, but you probably need to know a bit about DNSSEC, and also about implementation details of your nameserver provider.


Please note: Joker.com nameservers currently do not yet support DNSSEC records. In case you use the free Joker.com nameservice, you have to engage another nameserver provider.


Resellers will find similar commands to operate DNSSEC using DMAPI and RPanel.



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