How to become a reseller of

You are only a few easy steps away from becoming a reseller of, with your own accounting and sale!

  1. 'Register Yourself' at on the left side.
    (only if you do not already have a normal login at
    Please login ("Login Name" to the left) with this account, visit the "Resellers" section again, and continue with step 2.

  2. Please continue with "Reseller Registration".
    We only need a few details from you, like name or company. After this, we will provide you with two PDF files, the Terms and Conditions, and your individual pre-filled registration form. They will be sent by email, and also provided as download link.
    Please read both, print the registration form with your letterhead, sign it and send it as fax, by email, by direct upload or by postal mail.
    Please also include a proof of your identity - see a list of options below.

    You now must be logged in with your account in order to continue.

  3. You can fund your reseller account with credits at any time, using a credit card or wire transfer. Immediately after getting the notice of you being registered as reseller, you may visit the reseller's section to add funds to your account, and/or to edit some more details to operate as a reseller.
    To activate your account, please send or fax us the registration form mentioned above, together with a proof of your identity (e.g. passport, identity card, driver license, invoice of electricity or water supplier, excerpt from the commercial register), like it is described during the registration above.

    In case you already have some domains outside of which you now want to administrate with, please contact - we would be happy to help!
    Please do not hesitate to contact incase of general questions.

    Additional Information
    • creates and maintains an account for you. All purchases are deducted from this account, which therefore needs a prepayment.
      If the account has sufficient credits, domains can be registered or renewed. Minimum amount per credit-increase is USD 25.--.
      Your initial discount level will be 20%, you will see your individual discount level after login. You will also see the discounted domain prices. Your initial discount level will be guaranteed for at least 6 months. Discount levels will be adjusted depending on your overall revenue after this initial period.
    • After your reseller registration has been reviewed, we will send you a confirmation. Your new status will also be shown on when you are logged in.
    • Our current Pricelist
    • To register and administrate domains, you may use our web interface at, the specialized web interface at, our API "DMAPI" or our mail gateway (if you provided a PGP key),.
      Please find an overview here.
    • Unused credits (minus an administrative fee of USD 50.00) can be transferred back at the end of a calendar month if you give us notice by fax four weeks in advance.
    • Registrations using the Web interface and paid with credit cards will not be discounted, if a non-reseller login is used.