- Version 01.12.2006
Zusatzbedingungen für die Registrierung einer .name Domain

Es ist erforderlich, dass Sie neben den Allgemeinen Geschäfts- und Registrierungsbedingungen auch die nachfolgenden Zusatzbedingungen für Domains unter der Top Level Domain .name anerkennen:

To register a .name domain, you must comply with the Eligibility Requirements applicable to .name domains, available at ICANN .name agreement and summarized below. Registrations of .name domains will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. You need to meet the following Eligibility Requirements in order to successfully register a .name domain.
  1. Personal Name - the domain you register can be either your legal name, or a name by which you are commonly known. A name by which you are "commonly known" includes, without limitation, a pseudonym used as an author or painter, or a stage name if you are a singer or actor.
    Furthermore, Registrant acknowledges and agrees that this Style Guide is subject to modification by the Registry with any such changes appearing at the previously designated URL, and that Registrant must promptly comply with any such changes in the time allotted.
  2. The Personal Name of a Fictional Character. Any person or entity can register the Personal Name of a fictional character if that person or entity has trademark or service mark rights in that character's Personal Name.
  3. Additional Characters. You also may add numeric characters to the beginning or the end of your Personal Name to differentiate it from other Personal Names. For example, if John Smith unsuccessfully attempts to register, he may seek to register an alternative, such as or