- Version 04/01/2017
Additional conditions for registering a .eco domain
Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge the following additional conditions for domains below the Top Level Domain .eco:

  1. the Registered Name Holder acknowledges and agrees that all .eco domain names will be registered on server hold status pending the Registered Name Holder complying with the minimum requirements to activate a .eco domain:
    1. pledging in their Eco Profile to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing environmental actions
    2. affirming in their Eco Profile their eligibility under the Registry Policies
  2. an immediate usage of a domain is not possible while in status server hold
  3. each registrant is offered a free membership of the .eco organization during this process
  4. this policy and the procedure required to activate a domain will be provided to the registrant by email, carried out by the registry
  5. detailed information about eligibility can be found at
  6. by registering a .eco domain the terms and conditions of the .eco organization are regarded as accepted - Version 04/01/2017
Additional conditions for registering a .eco domain