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Beware of Fraudulent Renewal- or SEO Offers

Attention: Unfortunately it recently happens again that domain owners and other people who have their contact data in the WHOIS of a domain get asked - not from - to renew their domains (e.g. from "Domain Registry of America"), or they get false SEO or 'Business' offers for their domains.

Please always check the authenticity of requests regarding your domain: 

  • the email address indicated in the 'From'-line of your mail program is from ( usually does not send letter post)
  • your domain is really pending renewal within at least 8 weeks (check at -> whois -> 'expiration date')
  • the web-page you are asked to renew with is really '' (please use secure access to be sure:

If one of the items above is not coherent, you are in danger of losing your money if you follow the instructions of that fraudulent mail, since domains registered through can only be renewed with and by Also will never send you SEO offers for your domain or ask for your payment details inside of an email. In case you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us. As an additional precaution you could add WHOIS Privacy to many domain endings to ensure that your private contact data stays private.
Thank you for your cooperation,

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