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Price decrease for .AUTOS and .BIBLE

The prices of two domain endings are being drastically reduced:

The annual net price for .AUTOS decreases from USD 950.00 to USD 95.00 (incl. 19% VAT the new price is USD 113.05). This new price is permanently valid starting from April 15th, 5pm UTC.
To celebrate this price decrease, the annual price for new registrations will be reduced once again for a short time to only to USD 28.44 in the first year. The new standard price is valid for all years and also for renewals, the further reduced price is valid only for the first year of new registrations.

Also lowered: .BIBLE - here the price drops from currently USD 226.10* to USD 74.61* per year. The new price is valid starting from May 1st, 6pm UTC.

Search here for a free .AUTOS or .BIBLE domain.


*incl. 19% VAT for German customers, price may vary in your region, depending on your VAT rate.