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New TLDs .baby and .monster starting in April

.baby domain logo


For newborn ideas

.Baby is the domain extension for all things related to the most precious members of our society. .Baby provides flexibility, practicality, and specificity for anyone to nurture their website and help it grow.

You can register your .baby domain starting from April 2nd, 14:00 UTC for USD 95.00 per year.

.monster domain logo


For scary good ideas

.Monster is a domain for creative thinkers, for masters of their craft, and for modern day renegades. The meaning of .Monster is as imaginative as you are - whether you want a name that enhances your killer brand, a domain that is as experimental as your latest project, or a wacky and memorable platform for your great sense of humor. Choose .Monster domains for your scary good ideas and get creative with a website name that towers above the crowd.

You can register your .monster domain starting from April 1st, 14:00 UTC for USD 16.26 per year.