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New Domain .PAGE available from October 2nd

Google's Domain .PAGE will soon be available for everyone. Before the general availability phase starts (October 9th) you will have the opportunity to order your .page domains with in an early access phase, starting from October 2nd, 16:00 UTC.


Why .PAGE?

.page is a new domain that makes it easy to build a simple, more secure online presence. Whether you’re a business launching a new website, a publisher sharing new works online, an author telling your story, or a student touting your research, .page is the perfect home for your next chapter -- online.

How Can I Register My .PAGE Domain?

Just use the domain search and find your .page domain. The early access period is divided into different phases with decreasing prices until the domain will be available for the standard price on October 9th.

  Day 1 (October 2nd): USD 10700*)
  Day 2: USD 2725*)
  Day 3: USD 1068.75*)
  Day 4: USD 562.50*)
  Day 5-7: USD 125*)
From October, 9th, 16:00 UTC: USD 15,20*)

The more sought after you expect a domain name to be, the earlier you should try to register it, of course. Starting from October 9th, the price for registrations of .page domains will be USD 15.20 *) for one year. 

The regular price for .PAGE is USD 18.09/year (including German VAT of 19%)

Prices marked with * are net prices without VAT.