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GDPR is coming

General Information about GDPR

On May 25th 2018 the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) will enter into force. In order to comply with these, there will also be some changes around domains.

Two major changes will be: will no longer publicly display personal data by default, and will only make the necessary data for a domain registration obligatory.

Control and transparency

The GDPR ensures that you - our customer - have better control over the use of your personal data and, above all, will ensure that you are better informed about what your data is used for and to which third parties it may be disclosed.

Processing of your data

According to the GDPR, we will in principle only collect and process the personal data necessary for the fulfilment of the contract for technically requirements.

However, as registrar and data processor of the registries, we are not completely free in our decisions, since as registrar we are dependent on both the requirements of ICANN and the respective registries.

Nevertheless, in the interests of data reduction, we will significantly restrict both the collection and transfer of data.

Publication and forwarding of your data

Reduced Whois data will no longer publicly disclose personal data via the whois of both the website and port 43. The output will be reduced to a few fields, which will only contain the country of the registrant in addition to the specification of a possible "organisation". Instead of e-mail addresses, form links are displayed with which the respective contacts can be addressed.

Prosecutors and other authorities will continue to receive information after review.

Whois Privacy Services

The offer for privacy services remains unchanged.

Reduced data transmission

Non GDPR-compliant "thick" registries receive reduced contact data or placeholders (handles).

Opt-in for registrants

Customers or registrants can optionally and explicitly specify that certain contacts are still to be published in full.

Harmonisation pending

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to predict when a uniform regulation on the part of ICANN will come into force. Also, most registries do not yet know how they will react to the GDPR. Therefore it is to be expected that things like "opt-in" will not work for all registries.


At the moment it is not yet clear how transfers from/to a registrar will work in the future. For a successful transfer the email of the registrant is required. The way in which this email can be sent to the target registrar is still under discussion.

We assume that at least in the beginning an exchange of email addresses between old and new registrars can and will take place directly.

Revised Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

In the course of the implementation of the GDPR, some changes to both's General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are required. Most significant change is, that the data privacy policy now explicitly is also part of these T&C.

The new T&C will become valid from May 25th 2018.

You can find the new versions in advance under the "Terms & Conditions" on