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.TEL hosting policy changes starting Feb 13th

 There are some important changes concerning all .tel domain owners. These changes will take place between Feb 13th and March 13th.

Starting March 13th DNS restrictions for .tel will be lifted. From this date, registrants will be free to choose where to host and how to use their .tel domains.

From March 13th, the new Telhosting platform will be live and the current Telhosting platform will be shut down. Please make sure to move your content, if you want to use the Telhosting platform. Your existing content on the current telhosting platform will no longer be accessible after March 13th, 2017.

From February 13th, Telnic will be issuing all existing .tel domain holders with new credentials for the new Telhosting platform to allow for sufficient time to prepopulate their new Telhosting account in advance of the cutover on March 13th.

If you own .tel domains, please check out this PDF from Telnic which explains all changes in detail.