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.Tel - the Domain which is different - now available!

.telget your .tel Don't miss the opportunity to get your .tel domain to advance to modern communication. Maintain all your contact data, instant messaging or social network id's in one place, simple and secure. And all included in the registration fee. offers an attractive pricing of USD 9.60 (resellers) resp. USD 16.00. The .tel domain use the Domain Name System (DNS) in a way that empowers .tel domain owners, whether businesses or individuals, to control how and where people can communicate with them. The .tel will allow contact information to be stored directly in the DNS, so that when a device performs a query for a .tel domain (i.e.,, the DNS will not respond with an 'address record', rather it will return the contact information directly to the device, which enables the click-to-communicate functionality. Domain owners will be able to make use of this functionality without having to run their own webservices - this is included with the domain registration. Please find more information here. Your Team of