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Special Prices for .COM and .NET - extended until end of April


Extended until April 30th

First year registrations for .COM and .NET are discounted in March & April.

You can register .COM for only USD 9.51 for the first year and .NET for only USD 10.70 in the first year.

*prices include German VAT. Please check our price list to see your final prices.

Transfer Promo for .BE domains


Until April 30th we offer transfers of .BE domains to discounted by 40%. 

The price for transfers with one domain year included is only € 4.88 (incl. German VAT., price may differ for customers of other countries, please check our price list).

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New TLDs on


dotBoats domain logo - register .boats now The new domain ending .BOATS is now available on Boat enthusiasts, bloggers, manufacturers or dealers can now represent themselves or their business with a .BOATS domain - for only USD 70 USD 190 per year. 

Register .BOATS

Also new on .ES, the country domain for Spain (España) for USD 11.68 per year. 

Register .ES 

*Additional VAT may apply


Price increases for .com and .net - you can still order at the old price!


Because of price increases from Registries and higher administration expenses, prices for .com and .net will be increased on from February 1st.

.COM: USD 13.60 (was USD 13.50 before)
.NET: USD 16.99 (was USD 15.39 before)

You can still register and renew your domains before February 1st to profit from the current price. 

Promo extended: The first year of new registrations is still discounted in February

  • Price for the first year of new registrations of .com: USD 7.99
  • Price for the first year of new registrations of .net: USD 8.99

All prices are without VAT.

New TLDs on


domain logo .in


We're constantly adding more TLDs to our portfolio. The latest additions are .in, the ccTLD for India which you can order here for only USD 14.65* per year. 

Order your .in domain now

domain logo .prWe've also added .pr, the ccTLD for Puerto Rico, as well as the third-level domains,,,,,, and .pr domains start at USD 13.90/year*. 

Order your .pr domain now


 *additional VAT may apply

.COM Promo - Only USD 7.99 for the first year


domain logo .com


From January 1st to Janurary 31st, first year registrations of .COM domains are down to just USD 7.99 instead of USD 13.50.

Order your .com domain now


.NET Promo - Only USD 8.99 for the first year


domain logo .com


From January 1st to Janurary 31st, first year registrations of .NET domains are down to just USD 8.99 instead of USD 15.39.

Order your .net domain now


.HEALTH domains available starting December 5th


domain logo .health

The new TLD .health will be available on on December 5th from 15:00 UTC and can be registered for USD 95.00.

Reseller prices start at USD 57. Additional VAT may apply for some users.

Find your .HEALTH domain now

Health domains can be registered without restrictions with the exception of non-certified online pharmacies.

Additionally,  WHOIS privacy is available except for sites which do offer commercial transactions for healthcare related products or service.

Please check the terms and conditions for more information.

Extended maintenance for .CO domains


From 2017-11-14 02:00 UTC until 2017-11-14 14:00 UTC a maintenance is scheduled for the .CO registry during which all existing contact handles for .CO will be changed

This is due to the migration into a new registry system from Neustar. Current handles for .CO domains follow the pattern COCO-xxxx, the new format will look like this: CARI-yyyy.

Please note, that during this time your .CO domains will temporarily not show up in your portfolio!

Please check if you need to do urgent renews, registrations or modifications before 2017-11-14 02:00:00 UTC (.CO).

After the migration, resellers may check their domain report including the new handle names using


New Domain .BUZZ now available


.buzz is the internet platform that fuels community interest, excitement, and new experiences. Create buzz with a .buzz domain. The domain .buzz is now available on for only USD 46.50*

Register .BUZZ domains

*additional VAT may apply for some users