JOKER.COM Latest News to become .fi registrar starting this September [update with prices]

.fi domain FinlandUp until now all .fi domains are being handled by the registry itself, FICORA. This will change in September when all .fi domains have to be transferred away from FICORA to registrars like You can transfer your .fi domains to Joker for free. To do this you only need to log in to your account (or create one) and provide us with the domains and authorization keys. We added a special site for this where you can find all necessary information and start your transfers. We finally have the prices for .fi domains from FICORA; .fi domains will be 17.90 Euro per year on For the start of .fi we have a special promo price of just 14.99 per year, valid until October 31st.

New price for .org starting September 1st

order .ORG domainsUnfortunately the prices for .org domains have been increased by the registry on August 1st.
We will suspend this price change until September 1st! You have one month left to register, renew oder transfer your .org domains for the old price of USD 15.50 a year. Starting September 1st the new price will bei USD 16.90. Register your .ORG domains now.

.STREAM now for only USD 1.99/1st year

stream domains für 1.99The new .STREAM domain can now be registered for USD 1.99 for the first year instead of USD 38.95. Order your .STREAM domain now and start streaming! Get your .STREAM domain now on JOKER.COM for only USD 1.99 for the first year.