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.STORE domains - pre-registration now possible
.store preregistration

The new .STORE domain will be available on June 14th, preregistrations are now open. If you like to preregister a .STORE domain before June 14th, you can do this here for free, we will notify you, offering to convert your pre-order into a regular order for USD 14.99. The regular price for .STORE will be USD 78.90 after August 14th.

.EU: Now for only EUR 3.49 for the first year
We are happy to offer .EU domains now for only EUR 3.49 for the first year of new registrations. This means an effective reseller price down to only EUR 2.09. (Regular price is EUR 8.00/year)

This campaign is valid until June 30th 2016.
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.INFO for only USD 3.69 for the first year
.INFO for only USD 3.69 for the first yearUntil June 30th you can register your .INFO domain for only USD 3.69 (regular price is USD 14.90/year) for the first year.

Order your .INFO now for only USD 3.69

Now On - .SE and .NU - Only EUR 2.90/year
Starting from today two TLDs are finally available for registration on - .SE (Sweden) and .NU (island state of Niue, but also very popular elsewhere because it means "now" in Swedish, Danish and Dutch). For the first 3 months we're offering both domains for an introductory price of just EUR 2.90 for the first year of registration. (Regular price: EUR 20.90/year.)

Order your .SE domain or your .NU domain now on
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If you are using WHMCS for your hosting activities, you may interface with WHMCS' domain functionality to easily order and manage domains from within WHMCS. maintains a registrar module for WHMCS, which offers a great load of features to interface seamlessly from within WHMCS.

Please check out our FAQ to learn more.

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