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New domain .shop starts Sep 26 - only USD 3.99/month

Shop domains now availableOn of the most anticipated new TLDs is .shop - the perfect domain ending for all kinds of shops and stores. .shop domains are available starting September 26th 15:00 UTC for only USD 3.99/month (USD 47.90/year). 

Secure your .shop domain now! now offering .fi domains [update II]

.fi domain Finland +++Update 09/09: Unfortunately, we still experience severe problems related to the .FI registry. We strive to compensate for the stability issues as much as possible, but we depend on progress to be made on Ficora's side. Thanks again for your patience, we will keep you updated.+++

Up until now all .fi domains are being handled by the registry itself, FICORA. This will change in September when all .fi domains have to be transferred away from FICORA to registrars like You can transfer your .fi domains to Joker for free. We finally have the prices for .fi domains from FICORA; .fi domains will be 17.90 Euro per year on For the start of .fi we have a special promo price of just 14.99 per year, valid until October 31st.

.STREAM now for only USD 1.99/1st year

stream domains für 1.99The new .STREAM domain can now be registered for USD 1.99 for the first year instead of USD 38.95. Order your .STREAM domain now and start streaming! Get your .STREAM domain now on JOKER.COM for only USD 1.99 for the first year.