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Price increase for .org

order .ORG domainsUnfortunately the prices for .org domains will be increased by the registry starting August 1st. We will suspend the increase on until September 1st so you have one month left to register .org domains for the low price of just USD 15.50 a year. After September 1st the new price will be USD 16.90 for .org domains. Register your .ORG domains now.

The NEW!

NEW An Era is ending - a new story begins! We are proud to present the result of hard work and careful listening to our customers. Welcome to the NEW! We hope you will enjoy the new look and feel as much as we do - please tell us what you think. The new layout not only enables us to present all functionalities in a much more intuitive way, it now also makes mobile devices work as well, and harmonizes with modern browsers. We understand that this may be a little shock for some of our long term customers - we really hope that also you make this a success by adopting the new But in case you need more time for this - we still provide a button (on the top right) to enter the past again, switching to the former version. Your Team of

.STREAM now for only USD 1.99/1st year

stream domains für 1.99The new .STREAM domain can now be registered for USD 1.99 for the first year instead of USD 38.95. Order your .STREAM domain now and start streaming! Get your .STREAM domain now on JOKER.COM for only USD 1.99 for the first year.

.STORE starting June 16th - only USD 14.99/1st year

.store registration
The new .STORE domain is available starting from June 16th. You can register your .STORE now for only USD 14.99 for the first year. The regular price for .STORE will be USD 78.90 after August 14th. to become .fi registrar starting this September

.fi domain FinlandUp until now all .fi domains are being handled by the registry itself, FICORA. This will change in September when all .fi domains have to be transferred away from FICORA to registrars like You can transfer your .fi domains to Joker for free. To do this you only need to log in to your account (or create one) and provide us with the domains and authorization keys. We added a special site for this where you can find all necessary information and start your transfers.