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Pricechanges for several domains

The registry DONUTS increased the prices for some of their domains on October 1st. We will adapt our prices accordingly on November 1st so you still have enough time to order those domains for the current price.

Following TLDs are affected, the new yearly price for each one will be USD 59.90 ):
.camera, .camp, .cleaning, .dog, .glass, .hamburg, .kitchen, .plumbing, .shoes, .solar, .toys

These two DONUTS domains are getting cheaper starting November 1st:

.business & .company

The new price will be USD 9.90 per year, the old price was USD 24.95.

There is also a price increase for .berlin which will be EUR 54.90 for creates, starting November 1st.

You can check out all domain prices in our pricelist.