2.1 General information

Why would I register as a Reseller?

Why becoming a Reseller of Joker.com

If you register domains frequently you should consider register yourself at JOKER.COM as a reseller.
As a Joker.com reseller, you will not only benefit from discounts of up to 40% on all domain prices, but you also will be provided with a set of additional tools to register domains effectively, or to build your own sites for administration.
You will have access to an alternative web interface, an easy to use API and also an email gateway, using PGP-signed mails.
We also provide a WHMCS Registrar Module to easily integrate our registrar services into your business.
Benefit from Joker.com Reseller Tools:
For further information, please visit 'Resellers' .

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How to register as Joker.com Reseller?


Please click here for more information on how to register as a Joker.com reseller.


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Who could become a Reseller?

Any private person or any company is eligible to become a Joker.com reseller.

It is worth considering to become a reseller, if you have 5 domains ore more.


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Is there a fee for becoming a Reseller?

No, becoming a Joker.com reseller is free.
However, resellers have to fund their account with Joker.com in advance (pre-payment).
You are free to decide to what extend to fund your account.
Every time you place an order, the amount for this order will be deducted from your account.This is especially useful to guarantee reliable auto-renewals, in case you chose to make use of this feature.


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How to update my Reseller data?

Change Reseller Info


To modify your personal data, your standards for registration, whois templates and more, please login to Joker.com using your reseller credentials.

Then in the dashboard, click on "Settings" followed by 'Update Reseller Data', or use the menu 'My Joker', followed by 'Reseller Area'.

You will find more settings like 'language for system emails' or 'auto renewal' in 'Your Account', or also in the menu 'My Joker' followed by 'My Profile'.



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How to add existing domains to my portfolio?


Transition to a reseller account

If you decide to let your Joker.com login account migrate to a Joker.com Reseller account, all your domains will be added automatically to this Reseller account.


Moving a domain from Joker.com User A to User B (cooperative)

If you own the existing domain, using another Joker.com account, please visit "My Domains" from the "Domains" menu.

Click on the "menu" icon ("hamburger" icon on the right) of the domain you want to move, and choose "Grants".

Choose "Assignement" (= "Internal transfer") as "Role", enter the email address of the account holder to whom the domain should be transferred to, add a comment/description if you which, and press "add".

You may then add more domains; please press "save" when you are done.


After this, a transfer-link is sent to the email address you entered. You will also find this as a "pending" record in the "Grants" dialogue mentioned above. The "transfer link" will be valid for 7 days.

The recipient of the transfer-link imports the domain simply by clicking on this link.


As an alternative, this email also contains an "internal transfer key", which can be used using "Domain Transfer" on Joker.com ("internal transfer").


Please also see How to grant roles (= grant permissions to others)?


Moving a domain from Joker.com User A to User B (claim)

If you want to "move" or claim domains from one Joker.com account (regular or reseller) to another Joker.com account (e.g. your new reseller account), please choose "Change Ownership or Permissions of a Domain" from the "Domains" menu.

Enter your domain, and "proceed" - depending on the Whois data and current ownership of the domain, you might have to send in a document.


Procedure with Email Gateway

If you want to 'move' domains owned by other Joker.com login accounts, you can do this easily using the Roles & Grants system to perform an "Internal Transfer" to the account of choice.


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What is the 'admin' email address for?

A Joker.com reseller usually has two registered email-addresses with Joker.com, one for the 'robot' emails, and another for administrative tasks.
Reseller news and monthly invoices will be sent to the administrative address.

The 'robot' address corresponds to the standard address associated to the Joker.com login.
All notifications resulting from domain orders, renewals and modifications will be sent to this address.
This address for notifications can be changed easily in 'My Profile'.

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What is the so called "Additional Whois Signature" for?


The "Additional Whois Signature" is part of the data asked during the registration as a Joker.com reseller.


Those input fields are optional, but if you provide them, they will be used to publish your strings in global whois for your domains.

This way your customers are able to identify you as their domain provider.

The strings you provide will be shown as "Sponsoring Reseller".

Please note: You can provide or modify this data at any time in the Reseller's Area.



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What is the Joker.com Public PGP/GPG-Key?


This is Joker.com's  public GPG/PGP key - you may use it to verify signed mails sent from Joker.com:


Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)




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If I want to leave Joker.com one day, do i have to expect problems transferring my domains?


Joker.com respects its customers and provides outgoing transfers as normal operations.

There are no additional of hidden fees associated with a outgoing transfer.



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What is the minimum amount I have to pay in advance to become a reseller?


Currently, there is no minimum amount for funding your account.

Your discount will be calculated based on the revenue you created during the past.


Please also see Joker.com Reseller Subscription.



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Do I have to pay VAT?


No VAT is charged for:


VAT is charged for


Swiss and Liechtenstein customers are free from paying VAT until December 31st 2017. Legislation will change there on Jan 1st 2018, which means we have to charge the VAT rate there as well - unless you provide us with a UID.



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What is the difference between a reseller and a retail customer?


As a reseller, you benefit from several additional options:



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Should I use PGP?


PGP or GPG is only needed in case you want to make use of the email gateway to order, renew or manage domains. If you want to use the API, RPanel or the Website, PGP is not needed.


Last update: 2012-09-24 14:40

May I use several methods in parallel to access my domains?


Yes, this is possible. However, you should make sure that you don't issue the same orders on the same object twice, i.e. if you you send a renewal request through the mail interface, and do the same using dmapi, the domain will be renewed twice.


Last update: 2012-09-24 14:43

How to renew a domain without having funds in my account?


Please logoff from Joker.com, and then visit "Renew your Domains" from the "Domains" menu.

You will then see a "Smimple Renewal", where you can renew any domain with any payment method.


You may also use another Joker.com account, or create a new one for this. Only if you are logged using your regular reseller account, the system always uses the reseller funds for payments.


As an alternative, you also may put only some small funds into your reseller account, just to allow for regular renewal.

Using PayPal instantly adds funds to your account.



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