I got the following error message - 'The current status of "domain-name" didn't allow this operation (transfer)'. What does it mean?

The current status of "domain-name" didn't allow this operation (transfer)

According to the rules of ICANN, a transfer-request fails if at least one of the following situations occurs:


  • the domain is younger than 60 days
  • a dispute is pending
  • the current owner/holder rejects that transfer
  • a problem with your credit card did occur
  • you got the final-notice from your current/old registrar and did not renew with them. You can avoid this trouble by transferring in time as you don't lose any time of your registration periode by transferring to Joker.com.


Additionally, it could happen that the domain at the current registrar still is in "locked" status - then it has to be unlocked there.



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