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According to ICANN regulations the 'gaining' registrar ( has to initiate the process of transferring domains between registrars. To start the procedure, has to “obtain express authorization from an individual who has the apparent authority to legally bind the SLD holder (as reflected in the database of the losing Registrar)”.

Please login to, and choose 'Transfer a Domain to' at 'Domains'.
Enter the domain name (without "www.") and provide us with the needed details of your credit card and the desired billing-contact - you will be guided through this process.

To transfer a domain to (except .uk domains), you have to provide a so-called AUTH-ID (also known as 'Domain Password'). This ID will prove your authorization regarding to this domain.
You have to request this ID from your current Registrar!

During the transfer, you have the choice of keeping the current domain information (whois, nameservers), or to assign new ones. This of course also can be done afterwards in 'My Domains'.
Course of action summarized in detail:

1) Transfer Preparations

At your current/old registrar:

  • Often you have to "unlock" your domain, or to 'apply' for a 'change of registrar'. 
  • Request the AUTH-ID of the domain to be transferred


2) Initiate the Transfer

Immediately after you submitted the request we will send confirmation emails to the current owner and admin contact of the domain you want to transfer.

To perform the transfer, we need a positive answer from the current admin contact or the owner of the domain.
  • We will proceed immediately with the transfer if we receive a confirmation email from the owner OR admin contact.
  • We have to cancel the transfer if we receive ANY objection.
  • We have to cancel the transfer if we do not get any confirmation during 5 days after the transfer has been initiated.

Please note: All confirmation mails also offer the possibility of using a special link to click instead of returning the mail.

3) Processing the Transfer

After getting the confirmation (details see above), we will charge your credit card. If this attempt succeeds we will forward the transfer request to the registry. The registry in turn will notify your current (old) registrar.

Depending on the procedures of your current (old) registrar, he will ask you, the owner and/or admin-contact for verification by email or otherwise. Be cautious with the emails of your old registrar, some of them are confusing, some start like SPAM, but at the end tells you if you do not answer properly the transfer request will be denied.

4) Finish the Transfer

After approximately 5 days, we will get informed by the registry whether the transfers succeeded or failed. You will be informed immediately after we get this notification. If the transfer succeeded, you can immediately use the domain.
In case something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form (please chose topic 'transfer - move domain to').
Please note: Using "Transfer Domain to" you may also perform a "Bulk Transfer", where you can submit a list of domains together with their respective AUTH-IDs.
Also available is an 'internal transfer' from one customer to another.

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