What is Credit Card Validation?


This procedure is dedicated to protect you (and us) from credit card fraud using leaked or stolen credit card numbers.

Recently introduced credit cards - which are known to our system for not more than 60 days - have to be validated always, except if they are taking part in one of the extended security programs:


Please also have look here in section 'What is Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code?'.
Validation means, that we kindly ask for a written proof of existance of the used card.
This can be done by faxing or uploading a scan or an appropriate photograph taken by a digital camera.

This validation procedure is triggered automatically, and you are guided through the few necessary steps.

This has to be done only once, and after this, the limit is cleared.

Important: This procedure does also affect the usability of newly ordered domains. Those domains are registered for you, but set to status "hold" und thus not fully usable until payment succeeded.
They will be changed to "production" status as soon as we revceive your confirmation fax.

Only if after a period of 4 days upon date of order, no validation document is received by Joker.com, we have to cancel the order, which means:


  • a newly created domain will be deleted
  • a renewal will not be performed
  • a transfer from/to Joker.com will be rejected.

We apologize for the inconvenience this procedure may cause, but appreciate your cooperation.

If you use Joker.com frequently for your domain orders, you might consider becoming a reseller of Joker.com. As such, you will benefit from discounts of up to 40%, advanced methods of ordering, and no limits.
Please find out more about this at https://joker.com/goto/2bres/

Thank you again for your support, Your team of Joker.com



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