The popup window is blank/shows an error message/opens again the site/doesn't open.

The web site accessed in the popup window is not provided by, but from your bank institution.
Sometimes there are temporary problems at the bank site and the user gets error messages or a blank window. In this case we can only advice you to contact your bank, explain the issue and try to re-order again later. does only charge once this popup application is terminated successfully, so there is no danger of double charging.

Other problems could be related to misfunctioning modules or non-standard configuration of your browser.
In this case, please try to:

  • disable popup blocking browser functionality (otherwise the popup window will not open)
  • allow Javascript (otherwise the popup window will not open)
  • allow cookies in your browser
  • disable modules that probably change the behaviour of your browser (i.e. Firefox allows installation of extensions). Misfunctioning modules could lead to blank popup window or loading the site inside the popup.



Tags: credit-card, Validation, VbV/MSC, Visa/Mastercard

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