What are 'contacts'?



Associated with each domain, there is a so-called 'Whois record'. The information within this Whois record is published publicly, and has to be provided by you, the domain registrant.

This Whois record - the part which is provided by you - consists of the following contact information:

  • owner contact: the official owner of the domain
  • admin contact: role in charge of administrative tasks
  • tech contact: role for technical tasks, like nameserver
  • billing contact: role for questions regarding payments


A contact is a kind of 'template', consisting of an email, name and street address. If you populate a domain with Whois data, you create such a contact (or choose an existing one), and assign this contact to a domain.


You are free to assign individual contacts to each domain, or use a single contact for more than one domain. In this case, it is important to know that in case you change such a contact afterwards, those changes will apply to all domains which have been assigned this contact.


Please note: These contacts are for published Whois records only. They do not define the usage of your domain, or the persons able to access a domain. To actually grant access rights to other persons than the purchaser of a domain, explicit 'roles ' may be granted using the Joker.com domain management in the service zone.

Important: You are obliged to enter only valid and true address and identity information for Whois data. This is a requirement of all domain registries.


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