domain domain name to change the owner of
name full name (if empty, fname + lname will be used)
fname first name
lname last name
title (opt)
individual (opt) Y, Yes, N, No
organization (opt if individual)
email mailaddress of the contact
address-1 street address
address-2 (opt)
address-3 (opt)
state (opt)
country ISO country code (2 letters)
extension (opt)
fax (opt)

With this request you can change the visible WHOIS owner of a domain.

Either "name" or "lname" and "fname" must be provided. Fields marked '(opt)' are optional, all other fields are mandatory (and must not be empty).


Tags: address, city, domain, domain-owner-change, email, extension, fax, fname, individual, lname, name, organization, owner, phone, postal-code, state, title

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