Requires (mandatory):

domain domain name to renew
period renewal period in months (not in years!)


the wanted expiration year (e.g. '2014')


Accepts (optional)

privacy       basic|pro|none|keep - adds whois privacy subscription to domain renewal

none: explicitly do a renew without privacy services, even if currently privacy is enabled

keep: renew with the same level of privacy service which is currently active for the domain

see also Whois Privacy Services



With this request you can renew the domain. Please be aware that all renewals are not refundable.


"expyear" is a safety option which can be used instead of "period" to renew domain till specified year (not longer). If you use "period", and by mistake send the request more than once, domain will be renewed again, while with "expyear", it will not be renewed if it's expiration year is greater or equals to specified.

Only one of "period" or "expyear" may be used, but not both.


Important: Please note that registration period is in months, not years! In most cases, this number is a multiple of 12.






Tags: API, auto-renew, dmapi, domain-create, renew, renewal

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