Requires (mandatory)

Domain name to register
period Registration period in months (not in years!)
status Set domain status (only "production" is accepted so far)
owner-c Owner contact handle
billing-c Billing contact handle
admin-c Administrative contact handle
tech-c Technical contact handle
ns-list List of name servers, delimited by colon

Accepts (optional)

autorenew if set to "1", domain will be autorenewed upon expiration

3 letter language code for IDN domains


Registrar tag, also known as "Membership token", currently only needed for .XXX domains


basic|pro|none - adds whois privacy subscription to domain order, see also Whois Privacy Services


This request allows to register a domain.

You must have registered contacts (handles) to be able to register a domain.(=> contact-create, query-contact-list)

Important: Please note that the registration period is in months, not years. In most cases, this number is a multiple of 12.






Tags: API, create domain, register domain

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