Why does my domain not work anymore?


This might be a 'last reminder' to renew your domain name - this according to the ERRP regulation by ICANN.

Joker.com does send several notifications before this happens - of course the associated email adresses have to be correct.

Just check the domain name in question by asking our 'Search Whois'. Enter the domain name in question.

In case you see the nameserver 'not-renewed.joker.com' associated with your domain name, you should renew as soon as possible (Joker.com adds an additional grace period of up to 30 days to renew the domain).

To renew a domain, please visit 'Renew a Domain' in menu 'Domains'.

Please also check My domain expired! Can I still renew it?.

If your domain has the nameserver 'not-renewed.joker.com' associated, and you have
already requested a renewal, you have different choices:

  • You may visit the 'My Domains' of Joker.com and enter the nameserver of your choice again manually, or
  • You wait for the automatic process to finish the restore; this may take up to 5 working days. When the domain is renewed, the old settings of nameserver are restored again.


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