My domain expired! Can I still renew it?


Most domains can still be renewed within up to 30 days (maximum) after the expiration date. As a courtesy, we keep the domain for this grace period, but it will not be usable.

However, this is depending on the type of domain, not all registries allow for post-expiration-renewal.

Please note: You can always use the "simple renewal " procedure to renew any domain, in case the regular renewal is not possible at that moment for you!

After the mentioned grace period, the domain will be deleted automatically (most domains will then automatically enter the
Redemption Grace Period).


The above procedure cannot be used for .eu domains. Please visit My .eu domain is in status 'pending-delete'. What should i do?.

To renew a domain, please visit 'Renew a Domain'
in menu "Domains".



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