Auto Renewal

Automatic Domain Renewal

Note: This is currently available for Resellers only

If activated, all domains marked as "to be autorenewed" by you will be automatically renewed when due to expire.

You will still get the usual renewal reminders - which additionally contain the autorenew status.

Please find the complete schedule of renewal notices here.


Additionally, 2 special autorenew messages are sent 4 and 2 weeks before expiration.

The actual renewal will happen 7 (seven) days before expiration of the given domain.


You can add or remove domains from autorenewal at any time, and you are also able to suspend or reactivate auto renewal in general within 'My Profile'.


Important: If not already done, you have to enable 'auto renewal' in 'My Profile' before the flagged domains actually will be autorenewed. Domains in status "expired" (grace period) can not be included in autorenewal, they have to be renewed manually.

Notifications will also be sent before and after an automatic renewal - so you are always up to date!

Autorenew can be configured at these places:



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