The PHP Client provides this tool as an fully working example of how to make use of the API (DMAPI).

The Joker PHP Client is a lightweight web interface, demonstrating how to implement a full-featured domain handling.

The source code of this web interface is freely available for download on Sourceforge, so that our resellers could run it on their own site! The API used in this tool is called DMAPI and it is a domain registration system offered as Web service (API).
The Joker PHP Client is of course also provided as a hosted service by, and can be reached as

Please try it out. Log in with your reseller account, and operate carefully with it as it is completely functional. Your feedback as a reseller will be greatly appreciated and will help us to improve this application.
    Web server
    PHP 5.x
    Web browser

    Reseller Control Panel is destined to handle any domain operations
    which are offered by the domain registrar
    Currently it can:
  • show WHOIS of a domain
  • register domains
  • modify domains
  • transfer domains
  • renew domains
  • delete domains
  • lock/unlock domains (transfer related)
  • initiate redemption procedure
  • create, modify and delete contacts
  • create, modify and delete nameservers
  • zone operations
  • IDN support
  • show reseller information
  • show sumamry of actions executed through the interface
    You can get the newest version at

    Please see Installation of Joker PHP Client, and there is also an INSTALL file in the distribution package.

    You can contact us through our support area.

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