Account and Handling


Login with Username & Password


Requires (mandatory):

username username (email address)
password password


Auth-SID Authenticated Session ID, must be provided with any other request (parameter auth-sid)
List of TLDs List of domain TLDs which are available to the reseller.

To be able to use the entire API, you must have a reseller account with (and use this account to log in).


Login with API Keys

Instead of using your user- and password credentials, you may also use so called 'API keys' for login. This way, you can create several DMAPI access facilities, which has several advantages:

Create your API keys in 'My Profile' in section 'Manage API access keys'

Example usage:

The result is the same as for "login"-request, you have to use the provided auth-sid for the subsequent actions.


Returns: Nothing

Used to forcibly close (terminate) a session. The session identified by Auth-SID may not be used anymore to send requests. Normally not required as session will timeout anyway (default: 1 hour).




get results of requests still in progress

showall get all results incl. deletes using result-delete

get results for specifed period of days (default: 90)

date get results received on (or before) specified date. When date is specified, parameter "period" will be applied to this date (instead of today) and defaults to 1

start dispalying results from specified position

limit only get number of results specified by limit

get results having specified status (ack/nack/?)


when set to 1, only count number of records and return single line in format "Records: N"

All following filters may use patterns ("*" and "?")


get results for requests of specified type (domain-register/etc)

get results for specified object ids (domain names, contacts, hosts)

procid get results for specified proc-id
svtrid get results for specifued SvTrId
cltrid get results for specified ClTrId


List of answers from (one per line):

TimeStamp SvTrId Proc-ID request-type status ClTrId


TimeStamp: The time when request was made, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
SvTrID: Tracking-Id associated with this request.
Proc-ID: Proc-Id associated with this request.
request-type: The type of the request.
request-object: The object name (host, domain or contact handle)
status: ack, nack or ?, where ack means that request was completed successfully.
ClTrId: User specified transaction ID, or "-" if nothing was provided by the user




Proc-ID One of these must be specified. If both are specified, SvTrId has precedence.


Answer (processing result) associated with specified Tracking/Processing ID.

If detailed information (content) is not available, only status will be returned

Please note:

Since there is no requirement of uniqueness for user-specified transaction ids, it is not possible to use them to retrieve specific results. 





One of these must be specified. If both are specified, SvTrId has precedence



A descriptive message (confirmation) in case of success.

This request will delete the content (not the status) of a reply to an asynchronous request. Deleted results will not be listed anymore when using result-list.



Returns reseller profile data in format "key: value". May be used to query account balance


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