What is a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domains are domain names that have been previously registered and are considered more valuable than regular domain names due to their length, keyword relevance, or memorability. These domain names are often shorter, more brandable, and more memorable than regular domain names, making them highly desirable for businesses or individuals who want to establish a strong online presence.

Premium domains are usually not available at the normal/fixed rate, and their prices can vary widely depending on factors such as the domain name's length, its relevance to a specific industry or niche, and the demand for the domain name.

Some premium domain names have sold for millions of dollars, such as "business.com," "insurance.com," and "vacationrentals.com."

Premium domains can be classified into three major types: 

  1. registered domains offered by global networks, run by companies, with individual prices; have to be purchased by transferring the domain
  2. domains offered by the registries at special rates, which can be registered
  3. expired domains that are currently at the end of the RGP phase.

Joker.com offers all three types of premium domains, with most of them available through the regular order process. However, for RGP expired domains, there is a separate section for ordering.

For domains of the first type, a transfer is required during the order process. The transfer usually occurs in real time as these domains are already prepared for fast transfers.

If you need an exciting domain name for your new business, you probably will find it here.

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