What are Domain Contacts?

Domain contacts, also known as domain name contacts or WHOIS contacts, are the individuals or entities associated with a registered domain name who are designated as points of contact for administrative, technical, and/or billing purposes. Domain contacts are typically specified during the domain registration process and are stored in the domain name system (DNS) as part of the domain's registration information.


There are several types of domain contacts that may be associated with a domain name, including:

  1. Registrant: The domain registrant is the legal owner of the domain name. The registrant contact typically provides their name, address, phone number, and email address during the domain registration process.


  2. Administrative Contact: The administrative contact is responsible for managing administrative tasks related to the domain name, such as updates to registration information, domain name transfers, and other administrative matters.


  3. Technical Contact: The technical contact is responsible for managing technical aspects of the domain name, such as domain name server (DNS) settings, DNS zone configuration, and other technical matters related to the domain's operation.


  4. Billing Contact: The billing contact is responsible for managing billing and payment-related matters for the domain name, such as domain name renewal, payment updates, and other billing inquiries.


Domain contacts are an important aspect of domain name management, as they serve as points of contact for communication and administration related to the domain name. It's important for domain registrants to keep their domain contact information up-to-date with their domain registrar to ensure that they receive important notifications and can be reached for domain-related matters.

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