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Your current domain portfolio

This is the list of the domains ordered by you or managed by you (see also roles and permissions). If you don't see any of your domains here, the possible reasons are:

  • you have ordered the domain just recently - it may take some minutes before it shows up
  • there was an issue with the payment for the domain - please check your email to if there are any messages from Joker.com 
  • the domain has already expired - please check the WHOIS, if the domain is still registered, and do a "simple renewal" or contact our support
  • you did not order this domain yourself, and you have not been assigned the appropriate permissions ('grants') to list or modify this domain. In this case, you may contact the owner of the domain to ask for such assignments.

Domain status and features:


grafik.png domain protection is enabled. This is highly recommended to protect your domain from unauthorized transfer. If you wish to transfer your domain anywhere else, you can always unlock it under the "Modify" (4)


indicates that the domain is unlocked, has the status "production" and is ready for transfer
grafik.png your domain is using Joker name service


your domain is using custom (foreign) name service
grafik.png indicates that Privacy Service is activated for the domain. More about it you can find here
grafik.png indicates that Trustee Service is activated for the domain. More about it you can find here


Domain is in "Auto-Renewal" mode. If you want to use this feature, please make sure you have sufficient funds under your payment account (11)


Role has been assigned to this domain. More about roles and permissions you can find here


The domain is suspended. Most typical reasons are: domain has expired, domain was suspended due to complaint or dispute.


Domain is in RGP, and can be restored



Your domain expiry date

If it turns red, it means your domain is due for renewal.


Quick access to the domain "Modify" area

Here you can update domain contacts, lock or unlock your domain, add nameservers, add privacy services, and assign roles for your domain.


Quick access to the domain renewal


Access to the DNS zone configuration

Here you can add the necessary records to your DNS zone. This area is accessible only for domains using the Joker name service. If you want to change the name servers, you need to do it under the "Modify" (4) section.


DNS configuration unavailable

If the "DNS" sign appears grey and non-clickable - this means your domain is using third-party name servers, and you need to configure your DNS zone at your name service provider.


Grant a Role for your domain

Please see here how to assign roles for your domain


Delete your Domain

Please find more information here


Undo domain deletion

This function is no longer available for most TLDs


The balance of your Payment Account

If you want to make an order, please make sure, that you have enough funds. The funds on hold - the amount reserved for pending operations, like transfer for example.


Reseller's discount

Find more information regarding the features and benefits of Joker.com Resellers here


Quick access to Reseller's Area

 * available only for Reseller's account

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