UDRP Procedures

The UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) is a policy that applies to all ICANN domains and is also adopted by many other domain types (ccTLDs). You can find detailed explanations on Wikipedia as well.

When registering a domain, you must accept this policy in order to purchase a domain. This policy is included in our Terms & Conditions, specifically in section 11.

The UDRP process handles complaints related to domain ownership. If the arbitrator decides that a domain should be transferred to the complainant, it is the complainant's responsibility to initiate the transfer and become the new owner.

If you, as the complainant, have been awarded the domain after a UDRP decision, please follow these steps to gain access to the domain:

Please note: During the UDRP procedure, the domain will be blocked from changes (status 'freeze'). After the execution of the UDRP decision, the domain will be set to normal status again.

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