Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Support for Automating Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Joker.com offers a simple tool to automate the process of using Let's Encrypt certificates.

With this tool, you can easily request Let's Encrypt certificates without the need to expose your domain through an HTTP web server or make any special configurations to existing web services.

The method used to obtain the certificates is 'dns-01', where a special TXT record must be added to your domain. To use this method, your domain must be using the free Joker.com nameservice, which is the default option.

Setting a TXT record is a straightforward process:

The following explains the technical details - you may skip this and simply use the attached files which you find below. They do work with the commonly used tool dehydrated. Where to place these files, and how to configure your domains or host names, is documented in the file config.sh

For the use of the certbot, github-user dhull kindly provides another solution: 

This can easily be installed by "pip install certbot-dns-joker" - see the Github page above for details.


To set a TXT record, you may now do this using a single cURL request:

curl -X POST https://svc.joker.com/nic/replace -d \

This will create a TXT record for "_acme-challenge" in zone "your-domain.com".
It responds with 200 and "OK: n# inserted, n# deleted" if everything went OK, and appropriate status and text if not.

Some additional notes regarding this:

Attached files: hook.sh config.sh

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