I Don't See My Domain

If you've logged in and can't find your domain under your account, there are a few common reasons for this:

  1. Recent Domain Order: If you've recently ordered the domain, it might take a few minutes before it becomes visible in your account.

  2. Payment Issues: Check your email for any messages from Joker.com. There could have been a problem with the payment for the domain.

  3. Alternate Account: It's possible that you registered your domain under a different Joker.com account. You might need to follow these steps to restore access to your account if this is the case.

  4. Role Changes: If your account was assigned a certain role that has been revoked or removed, this might lead to the domain not being visible. You could reach out to the domain owner to assign you a role.

  5. Domain Expiry: If the domain has already expired and is scheduled for deletion, it won't be visible in your account. You can try to restore a domain in such cases.

  6. Reseller's Domain: If your domain has been registered through one of our resellers, please get in touch with them for any domain-related questions.

If you are indeed the owner of the domain and believe it's missing due to an error, please get in touch with Joker.com Support for assistance.

To get help as quickly as possible, please use this Checklist

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