Domain Trustee Service

Some domain types, particularly country domains, have regulations regarding the residency of the domain holder. For instance, for .EU domains, the registrant's contact country must be a member of the EU, including Norway and Liechtenstein.

To allow clients who don't meet these requirements to register such domains, they can utilize trustee services. A trustee acts as the official registrant on behalf of the client. The trustee-client relationship is governed by a trustee contract, which outlines responsibilities and ensures the client's ownership of the domain. Sample contracts can be found under "My Joker" -> "Downloads" after logging in to

In addition to privacy services, IDPS GmbH offers trustee services for In our price list, you'll find the domains for which a trustee service is available.

Registering a Domain With a Trustee Service

When ordering a domain with an available trustee service, you can choose to include this service along with the domain name.


Adding Trustee Service to an Existing Domain

Trustee agreements can also be added to existing domains by accessing the "Domain Management" section.

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