Domain Has Expired - What to Do?

Domain Stopped Working

The most common reason for this is that the domain has expired. According to the ERRP regulation by ICANN, we are required to set the domain status to 'inactive' when it expires as a final reminder.

If you missed the renewal reminders we sent before the expiration, please check the email addresses associated with your account and the domain data for accuracy.

To check the domain status, go to 'My Domains' or use the 'Whois Search' on

If you see that the domain name has expired, please renew it as soon as possible. For most domain types, provides an additional grace period of up to 30 days* for renewing the domain. During this period, you can still renew this domain at the regular renewal price.

To renew a domain, visit 'Renew a Domain' in the 'Domains' menu. Learn more about the renewal procedure here.

Grace Periods for Expired Domains

Most domains can be renewed within a grace period of up to 30 days* after the expiration date. During this period, we keep the domain reserved, but it will not be usable due to its "expired" status.

However, post-expiration renewal may not be available for all the domain types as it depends on the registry.

Please note that you can always use the Simple Renewal procedure to renew a domain, even if regular renewal is not currently possible.

After the grace period mentioned above, most domains will enter the Redemption Grace Period (RGP), which is explained here.

Please keep in mind that the data provided above are indicative, and the exact times are specified by the registries, which may vary. Additionally, there are technical requirements for some deadlines that may allow for processing within slightly shorter periods. Therefore, we strongly recommend not waiting until the theoretical maximum, such as the "expired grace period," before renewing a domain.

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